The 0.5.1 release brings various bug fixes and more stability to Pinax. We have fixed some bugs and improved the documentation. This release should be backward compatible, except where noted.

Python 2.4 support

0.5.1 brings Python 2.4 compatibility. There are still many distributions out there that have Python 2.4 as the default Python version.

Removal of Pownce support

Pownce closed their doors on December 15, 2008 after being bought by Six Apart. There is no longer any reason we should support Pownce.

You may need to remove some Pownce bits from your templates if you forked from the complete_project locally.

Various bug-fixes

  • r1292 Fixed a bug in django_openidconsumer that prevented login on some deployments
  • r1288 Removed an import that was never used in profiles/views.py.
  • r1283 Issue #131 Added a missing datetime import in apps/local_apps/projects/forms.py.
  • r1266 Fixed a typo of ValidationError in apps/local_apps/account/forms.py.
  • r1215 Issue #119 Added a missing import in apps/local_apps/misc/utils.py.
  • r1193 Added the about app to the basic_project INSTALLED_APPS list.